Commercial Security Solutions

You want your employees and your investment to be safe, and Caudill’s can provide the best protection available. We partner with industry leader to deliver the most advanced technology with simple end-user operation to safeguard your employees and business from crime, vandalism, theft and fire.

Custom Designed Security Systems

No matter what your business needs, we can custom design, install and service a system for your specific requirements. We can integrate the security system with your network and set up remote access and notifications to provide the extra comfort of knowing that your assets are protected when you are away.

Surveillance Cameras

We can install a camera system that allows you to view your business on-site or remotely, offering the highest level of data security possible. Check the stockroom and warehouse, screen visitors, or keep your eye on valuable assets, inventory and records. You can also view recorded video to check on openings and closings of the location.

Access Control

Our Access Control systems let you monitor and restrict entry to your business, allowing you to run your business more safely, efficiently and profitably. You can track employee time and attendance, restrict access to specified areas, control access afterhours and during holidays, and more.

24-Hour Monitoring

We can help you keep a close eye on your company using several programmable functions available through your Security/Fire System. You can learn who is opening/closing your facility, and when. Your security system can also be programmed to regularly send a special communications test to ensure your alarm is communicating with the central station properly.

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